************** CAUTION **************

If you play peekaboo in Puggie's domain,
you are snooping at your own risk.  If you
don't like what he says, take your simple
minded ass to Uranus and stay out of his.

P.S.  Puggie waste's no time because his
mind is a terrible thing to waste.

About Puggie

My name is Puggie Allegretto and I was raised in the ghetto.  I have had an extremely complicated roller coaster life.  Out of this crazy magic carpet ride, I have developed a style of humor that makes you think about your leaders, celebrities and the people that help shape your life.  You can rest assure I don’t discriminate against anyone.  I discriminate against everybody as a way of making us laugh at ourselves and each other.  If you have no sense of humor and want an abundance of outrageous humor and facts then this is the wrong place.  Through humor you can make a point of showing people that are on the wrong course how ridiculous they really look.  The purpose is to stir emotions within you so you can determine where you sit at the table of life and know yourself better. Beware when Puggie is on the warpath, he takes no prisoners. 

Puggies views can be read on Puggies Desk Page!

Puggie Makes The Headlines!!!
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