(That’s right folks – MY RIGHT)

~ This is my website so if you don’t like what I communicate - leave ~

Now let’s get to the important stuff – ME!  My name is Puggie.  I get along with most people, even semi-a$$holes.  You see, I am totally happy at all times, even when I am protecting my behind.  The reason for that is because if I don’t like something – I’m gonna to tell you why and then I ain’t gonna like you unless you tell me, (based upon facts), why I am wrong.  Otherwise, you just a dumb motha f**ka filled with hate because you hate yourself and ain’t willing to do anything about it.  So don’t peddle your sh*t here unless there is some sense to the way it smells.  And if I don’t like the way it smells, you can take it home and eat it.  Say whatever the hell you want because I got a Rhino a$$hide and you better have one if you comin at me. 

If you are politically correct, then you are an a$$hole and you are even a bigger a$$hole if you can’t defend your position.  So I am gonna grab my crystal balls and ponder your responses.  You might even feel at time like you are on an extra-terrestrial website – that’s okay as long as you are not on Uranus.  Now remember - NO VIOLIN PLAYERS - I don’t have time for tunes of whinery.
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